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Those Magical Dames - A History of Women in Magic

A History of Women in Magic

Audiences are always intrigued about women in magic, thinking that they are new to the field. In reality, women have been performing as the magician, not as the lovely assistant, since the early 1800’s.

Magic Lady Jania Taylor Magical Dames Historical Lecture

Those Magical Dames

Magic has a rich history of women conjurers. “Those Magical Dames” explores the historical lives of six leading ladies of magic. Though their names are not recognized outside of magic, the stories of their lives and what they endured to become the best in a male-dominated entertainment field, will feed the curiosity of any audience. One does not have to be a magician to enjoy the historical information shared in this lecture.

Accompanied by a full researched power point presentation Jania shares photos, posters, and even performs some of the magic that was featured in the ladies’ act of the past. “Those Magical Dames” is more than a historical lecture. It’s also a show that will entertain and inform – at arts centers, museums, libraries, speaker series – and is perfect to celebrate Women in History month.

Length of Lecture: One hour, with Q&A

Magical Lecture Testimonials

I found the history of women in magic to be vastly interesting, especially their back-stories, along with the photos and slides. The presentation and the accompanying illusion were very well done. Thank you for the historical lecture  ‘Those Magic Dames’ for our spring speaker series.

Kathy Bardin, Communications and Event Specialist, North Central Michigan College, Petoskey, MI

I have seen Jania’s presentation twice now, and even with over 40 years of experience in magic, I found myself enthralled…both times. It’s the way that she incorporates the historical aspect of women in magic, and then shares her own journey along with over a dozen other current female magicians. Her audio/visual presentation coupled with her live demonstrations of sleight of hand and manipulation brings her entire experience to life. I highly recommend her talk.

Tom Vorjohan, Executive Committee Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Brotherhood of Magicians