Charmin’ J

Frontier Themed Magic Show
Magic Lady Jania Taylor Charminj Frontier Themed Magician Show

Charmin’ J 1800’s Frontier Magician

Step back in time with traveling magician Charmin’ J. The traveling magician was always a welcome feature in frontier towns, as they brought amusement to town folks who were starved for entertainment

Charmin’ J arrives in town with her bag packed full of magic for rib-tickling merriment and mystery! With humor she spins stories from the frontier that audiences will enjoy. Its an extravaganza of magic, hustling, and cheating. This is not your conventional run-of-the-mill magic show. Charmin’ J performers in period costume, and does not use any modern looking props.

This show is ideal for heritage festivals, rendezvous, reenactments, historical festivals and museums, even cooperate events looking for something truly different.

Audience: Adults and Families

Length: 30-45 minutes

Magical Testimonials

We have asked you to take on a difficult venue for performances: that of a ‘wandering’ magician. You carry your ‘stage’ with you, and set up in one of the six areas of our 75 acres of festival grounds. As you set up you need to attract a crowd, entertain, and sustain their attention in the span of your 20 minute show. You have mastered it all! That is a tribute to your engaging personality and energetic accomplished showmanship!

Frank Cajka Jr., VP, Yankee Peddler Festival Association, Bethel Park, PA

Charmin’ J’s energetic and humorous style of magic continues to be a great addition to the Prairie Peddler Festival. Jania Taylor performing as her alter ego Charmin’ J entertains the adults as much as the children. We look forward to having you perform each year in our prairie town kids area.

Mandie Willis, Producer, Prairie Peddler Festival, Butler, Ohio

Myself and the committee of Heritage Days were thoroughly pleased with your performance of Charmin’ J. Your character and show fit right into our pioneer village, and was an added bonus for our visitors that day. We would love to have your back!

Janet Roelofs, President, Houghton Lake Historical Society, Houghton Lake, MI