Comedy Magic

Comedy Magic Show and Strolling Magic
for Events and Trade Shows

Laughter & Magic with Jania Taylor

Give your guests the gift of laughter. After all it is the best medicine!

Whether you need to entertain 30 guest or 1000 guests, Magic Lady Jania Taylor will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Mix and match Jania’s magical performances to meet your entertainment needs. Create a magical event by combining the Comedy Magic Show with an hour or two of Strolling Magic. No time for a show but still need some form of entertainment? Strolling Magic is the ticket. Only need after-dinner entertainment? Choose the Comedy Magic Show.

Magic Lady Jania Taylor Comedy Magic Show

Comedy Magic Show

Jania will work with you to customize the show for your entertainment needs. She will work with you to include the guests that you would like to see star in the show, this makes for great fun as co-workers like to see their colleagues participate in the show. She can magically produce an honored guest, run a sword thought the CEO’s neck, or magically produce a special award.

Never offensive, Jania takes your audience and guests down a path of rib-tickling magical fun! She will create an unforgettable experience that will exceed your guests’ expectations, leave them wanting more, and talking about the event for years to come.

Some of the events where businesses have used Jania’s good clean comedy magic show are banquets, sales meetings, seminars, conventions, award dinners, or anytime something different is needed to entertain and energize your clients and guests.

Length of show: 30-45 minutes

Magic Lady Jania Taylor Strolling Magic Show

Strolling Magic

Put the magic right in front of your guests with fascinating magic that takes place right under their nose, and sometimes the magic will take place in their hands!

Strolling magic helps bring your clients and guests together to enjoy magic in intimate small groups. It is the perfect ice breaker for receptions, hospitality rooms, cocktail hours, or networking events. Jania will magically rid the room of wall flowers as strolling magic is the perfect means to bring guests together.

Length of show: Strolling magic is performed by the hour.

Magic Lady Jania Trade Show Entertainment

Magic for Trade Shows

At the next trade show your company attends, do you want to stand out among the many other booths, and have it be the buzz of the trade show floor? How do you do that? Invest in an entertaining and product educating salesperson!

Magic Lady Jania Taylor is your two-for-one salesperson. Jania will customize a magical presentation around your company and product that will educate and entertain your potential clients with a powerful magical sales message. The message will be unique to your company, the magic will stop crowds at your booth and draw in potential clients. All of this attracts attention to your company, puts your company brand at the fore front of client’s minds, and will help your sales team generate leads.

Magical Trade Show Giveaways

Looking for something unique for a trade show giveaway beyond the usual pen, pencils and post-it-notes. Magic Lady will help you customize a magic effect complete with your logo to share with clients. A magical giveaway is something that is kept and used, each time a client shares your magical giveaway they are sharing your company!

Magical Testimonials

Thanks a lot for making me look like a hero for hiring you! This was our most well attended Christmas party!

Ron Foeller, Home Depot, Petoskey, MI

Your humor and magic were great! Many people complimented me on securing you for our entertainment for our 25-Year Club banquet.

Richard Hallett, VP Ohio Gas Company, Bryan, Ohio

I appreciate you being so flexible! Most people were just plain surprised we found someone so good locally!

Lisa Jessick, PMP, Corporate Director, Petoskey, MI