Become a Magician

Magic Workshop for Kids
Magic Lady Jania Taylor Become Magician Workshop

Become a Magician Workshop

Children love magic, and they always want to know the secrets of how the magic works.

Feed that curiosity with this hour-long workshop. The children will learn five easy magic effects that they will be performing by the end of the workshop. No fancy props are needed; I bring everything to teach the magic. At the end of the hour, the children can take everything with them so they can amaze their friends and family.

The workshop can be presented in-person or virtually. If the virtual options is chosen, a list of items needed will be sent before the workshop, and all items can be found at home.

Great for after-school programs, libraries, camps, or young adult activities.

Geared for third graders and older.

Magical Testimonials

Students from the workshop had such a good time and really learned fun facts and skills about magic. The workshop was a great addition to our spring events here at the arts center.

Mollie Larsen, Executive Director, Bonifas Arts Center, Escanaba, MI

Your Become a Magician Workshop helped build motor skills, and self confidence in our after school program students. Not only did they learn fun magic effects that they could perform with simple items found at home, it also brought them self-esteem with each effect mastered.

Marty Samson, 21st Century Arts Coordinator, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petoskey, MI

Thanks to you, we are now all amateur magicians! Your magic workshop was the perfect end to our month long look at the Science of Magic here at the museum. You provided a magical day of classes that our students truly enjoyed participating in. As we expand the program for next year we hope we can have you back!

Tina Brown, Director of Operations, Cumberland Science Museum, Nashville, TN